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elcome to Nettleberry, your source for top quality books written about Turkey or by Turkish authors. Our growing list provides books for the traveler to Turkey, those traveling to this fascinating country for the first time or those who are already seasoned in Turkish traveling opportunities. Nettleberry also offers books for students and academicians that touch on or reveal some aspect of Turkey, be it literary, historical, architectural, sociological, psychological, or political. Nettleberry's list of translations of Turkish literary works is also growing, with translations of young Turkish authors who have already made their mark in Turkey and who deserve to be discovered by readers from other cultures as well. Books can be purchased through this site using PayPal or by sending a check, order information and mailing address directly to Nettleberry (see the about page for contact information). If you have any questions or comments, or would like to receive information on upcoming releases, please write to info@nettleberry.com. We hope you enjoy our selection.


NEW! Limited Edition

A Dream Perhaps?

E. Mine Ozman

A priceless record and album of Turkish contemporary art. Up to now--other than a handful of names--the west has known very little about Turkish contemporary artists and their work. In this book, her album and memoir, art gallery owner Mine Ozman writes about 100 of the artists who drove the Turkish art scene in the 1980s and 1990s...

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